The Vienna Epigrams papyrus, de Gruyter, 2015

Nouvelle parution dans la série « Corpus Papyrorum Raineri« :

The Vienna Epigrams Papyrus (ed. by Peter PARSONS, Herwig MAEHLER, Francesca MALTOMINI), de Gruyter (Corpus Papyrorum Raineri, 33), Berlin-Boston 2015, €109,95 (ISBN 978-3-11-035452-2).

Description de l’éditeur:

This papyrus (3rd century BC) contains c. 200 incipits (first lines) of Greek epigrams with a numeral at the end of each line that gives the number of lines of the complete epigram; most of them had 4 lines. Of these, only one has been ascribed to a known poet (Asklepiades), but it is by no means clear that all of them were his. Their publication, greatly aided by multispectral photography, is a very welcome addition to Hellenistic poetry.

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